Puerto Peñasco Hotels Mexico VS. Puerto Peñasco Resorts

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Puerto Peñasco is one of the most visited tourist cities in Mexico. It is located between the Sea of Cortez and the Sonoran Desert. The main attraction of this place is that it has an unparalleled nature as the one that can be found in the Pinacate Reserve and the Great Altar Desert, which in fact is the largest dune field in all of Latin America, making it a very popular tourist destination. However, Rocky Point’s main attraction is undoubtedly its beaches, the main reason why many people, especially Americans, come to this city, with the aim of vacationing and relaxing.

For many people who are going on vacation for the first time in this place, it can be difficult to decide between Puerto Peñasco Hotels Mexico and Puerto Peñasco Resorts, since at the beginning both seem to be good options, however there are many differences between these two and it is these same differences which can make one a better option than the other, depending on the needs of the person who wants to vacation.

First we will talk about what are the Puerto Peñasco Hotels Mexico, we can say that these are large complexes in which people stay temporarily mainly for work and tourism. These are usually closed buildings and some of them have a pool, a gym and even a restaurant or bar, although these types of services depend a lot on the location and type of hotel you choose, as not all of them have it. A room can host from 1 to 4 people, depending on the type of room you choose, so prices may also vary and include the use of facilities (as mentioned above may vary depending on the hotel) and also includes cleaning service.

On the other hand there are the resorts, which are usually much bigger complexes and surrounded by nature, in fact we can say that this is mainly what defines them, nature. Unlike a hotel, a resort is a much more open space and is usually managed by condos, which are rented by the day, and the prices depend on the number of people who can stay there.

Resorts are usually located on beaches or in places with snow, since one of their main attractions is the activities that can be carried out there. For example in a resort in the snow they will provide you with everything you need to carry out activities in the snow such as snowmobiling, ice skating, snowboarding, skiing and snow hiking, would be the main ones. If we are talking about a beach resort, there are also many activities that can be carried out at these resorts such as beach volleyball, swimming pools with games for children, water activities and more.

It is very common that the resorts have all a person can need so the people who stay there do not have to leave the complex, so in these you can find a gym, restaurant, bar and many more amenities of which you can make use. And best of all, almost everything is included in the initial fee you pay, so even if it doesn’t seem like it, the resorts are an excellent option for people who want to save money and enjoy themselves to the fullest.

So we can say that the main difference between Puerto Peñasco Hotels Mexico and Puerto Peñasco Resorts is that the first one is a good option for people who only want a place to sleep and that its main objective is to spend the day exploring the city or other nearby places, or people who are only traveling for work, because these people do not really need much because they will not have time to enjoy the amenities of the place where they are staying, their purpose is not exactly relaxing.

However, for people who are looking for a quiet place where they can relax and enjoy, the resorts are a better option as mentioned, in these they can find many activities, which are perfect for both adults and children. In addition to the fact that the resorts are usually far from the cities and the crowds, so people who decide to stay in one, will not have any concerns, because they will be in direct contact with nature. Their biggest concern will be to remember to wear sunscreen when enjoying the sun’s rays on the beach.

So in conclusion, Puerto Peñasco Hotels Mexico is a good option for those people who only travel for work purposes or whose purpose is to visit different destinations during their vacation. On the other hand, Puerto Peñasco Resorts are a much better option for those people who have the objective of enjoying and relaxing with their family or friends for an incredible price and with the best amenities.