Puerto Peñasco Condos

The Best Puerto Peñasco Condos!

If you’re looking for Puerto Peñasco Condos, you’ve come to the right place. In Playa Azul we have the best and most luxurious condos for rent. And here’s why.
Playa Azul Resort is located in Playa Norte Puerto Peñasco Sonora, known for being one of the best beaches in this coastal paradise. There are many reasons why you need to visit Puerto Peñasco and the one that makes it a very famous destination in Mexico is being located between the Sea of Cortez and the Sonoran desert, also it has a natural richness that is undoubtedly quite peculiar and unique. In Puerto Peñasco you can find an endless number of things to do, because here you will find many gourmet restaurants as well as water activities, which you cannot find anywhere else.
Another of the great benefits of this tourist destination is its proximity to the United States, as it is an area of free access from this country, many Americans, mainly from Arizona decide to come here when they want to vacation, due to the beauty of this place and also thanks to its prices much cheaper than any other place in the United States. Besides the fact that they are mainly looking for a quiet place where they can rest from the stress of daily activities and also enjoy a wonderful time. For these and many other reasons is that they want condos for rent in order to acquire the peace and privacy they are looking for.
Puerto Peñasco Condos are ideal for any type of person, for vacations with friends, family or co-workers. In addition, it is now quite common for them to be rent for certain types of events such as weddings, anniversaries, graduations and other types of events that seek to be celebrated in a special way, in a special place with special people. Fortunately for your comfort in Playa Azul Resort we have this exclusive service and we offer you all the facilities you need to make you and your guests feel comfortable and enjoy your event in the best possible way. We distinguish ourselves by offering the best service and by our commitment to our clients.
In Playa Azul we have different Puerto Peñasco condos, each and every one of them ideal to suit the needs of any person. Our prices vary according to the condo that the client prefers and the number of people that want to stay, regularly our costs are per day. You can see the Puerto Peñasco condos for rent we have in our gallery, and make sure for yourself that our units have everything you need to enjoy the best experience.
There are many benefits to vacationing in Puerto Peñasco condos and among the main ones are the following:
Increased Security
As it is a place “shared” with more people, the managers have to make sure that all these people are comfortable and safe. This is why they have tighter security than any other place. This makes it an ideal place, especially for people who bring small children and make safety a priority for them.
Shared Spaces
One of the biggest benefits of staying in a condo is all the shared areas that you can make use of for the price of the rent, such as swimming pools, jacuzzis, gym, among others. Best of all, you can make use of each and every one of these facilities for the same price you paid in the beginning.
The Best Amenities
Another benefit is that by staying in Puerto Peñasco condos you will have the best comfort and you will not have to worry about anything, the cleaning and maintenance will be in charge of the staff. You and your company will only have to worry about spending a pleasant time in the facilities, which is precisely why you are staying here.
These are just some of the main reasons why you should definitely think about booking one of the Puerto Peñasco condos we have at Playa Azul Resort. Contact us for more information!